Diederik Is partner at Businessathletes. With a passion for problem solving, a meticulous datadriven approach and the ability to balance breadth and depth in a wide variety of industries Diederik provides BusinessAthletes cases and customers with unique insights.

Prior to joining BusinessAthletes, Diederik has worked in IT related companies, in a variety of roles, as a last one head of international sales at ZyLAB.

After a deepdive into coding, developing an iPhone application geared towards competitor analysis on the worldwide ecosystem of startups he started his own data analysis consultancy company, dealing with a variety of customers and assignments.

Diederik joined forces with BusinessAthletes beginning 2017. A thorough understanding of market positioning, competitive advantage, and strategy, enforced with a data centricĀ  and robust financial modeling approach, allows Diederik to deliver the value where BusinessAthletes stands for.

Diederik holds a master of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Delft and a propaedeutics degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam
In his spare time Diederik loves riding his bicycle and spend time with his family and friends.